About K-Eduplex

K-Eduplex (Korea Education Complex) is dedicated to the development of education in Indonesia. K-Eduplex wishes to integrate programs based on the philosophy of holistic education and the method of international cooperation.

We strongly believe in the value of education, that in the long-run, it serves as one of the most effective means to enhance one’s quality of life. However, education we believe in is not merely limited to the pursuit of success.

Rather, we dream of transforming our society by equipping future leaders with academic excellence, practical knowledge, high moral standards, and a servant heart for the community. K-Eduplex aims to raise such influential leaders!

About President Yonggyu Lee, Ph.D.

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Dr. Yonggyu Lee

Dr. Yonggyu Lee earned his PhD degree in History & Middle East Studies at Harvard University, Grad. School of Arts & Sciences. After graduation, he moved to Mongolia, a nomadic country in Central Asia, with his wife and children where he served at Mongolia International University (MIU) for seven years as the vice president of Academic Affairs. He was also a passionate professor in History and Religious Studies at MIU. Dr. Lee is also a renowned writer in South Korea. His books have profound spiritual principles that has moved the hearts of many readers. He currently resides in Indonesia with his family and is pioneering a new global education complex – including international university – as he is simultaneously faithfully carrying out this duty as the founder of

Vison & Mission

Our goal is to raise up each individual to be humble and honest leaders and to their nations and countries. We will construct an effective model of higher education that fosters not only individual growth as a global leader, but also social development in Indonesia. To achieve the goal that is set, K-Eduplex will construct and manage educational institutions ranging from preschool to university.

K-Eduplex was established as an embodiment of the vision of the Korean society in Indonesia to build a cooperative relationship between the Korean and Indonesian society by introducing and implementing effective development projects from Korean and international resources. We seek to draw from the proven educational and economic growth models of South Korea to support Indonesia’s educational progress and economic development.

Our Program

Core Values

Connectivity refers to the effort to link a number of entities centered around the school ministry. The connection between home and local, ministers, schools, local Korean churches and local churches, and various other organizations.

Complex refers to the effort to create many associated ministries which cooperate together rather than a single, centralized ministry. Namely the language center, international school, technical college and online education center which which will all be fostered to collaborate with various organizations and ultimately form a university in a very natural manner.

Community refers to the focus on creating and growing a community rather than promoting a unitary leadership. Creating such a community will also naturally transition into school ministry growth.

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