Campus Master Plan

Following the mission to establish K-eduplex (Korea Education Complex), we are preparing to respond to the diverse needs of education addressed in the Indonesian society. Our early projects under development include foreign language center for English, Indonesian and Korean language learning, online training programs for teachers living in distant areas, and a vocational school for technician training.

​Our first building project of K-eduplex has completed at our Delta Mas campus site. This education complex will serve as a platform for the aforementioned early-stage programs to be delivered in an integrated format. Eventually, more university buildings including residential halls and lecture halls be added to the education-culture complex to complete the foundation of a full-fledged university named “Jakarta International University”. ​

  • Site area : 50,008 m²
  • Siting : education area
  • Coverage ratio : 50%
  • Floor area ratio : 180%
  • Faculty Buildings
  • Main Administration Building
  • Student Hall
  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Outdoor Athletic Field
  • Dormitory
  • Guest Hall
  • Professors and Officers Residential etc.
  • Kota Delta Mas : One of the newly developing metropolitan areas of Jakarta

Campus Development 

  • Master planning of K-eduplex
  • Fundraising for construction & building complex
  • Building permit process for construction
  • Groundbreaking and construction of initial campus building(s)
  • Development of education models fulfilling the needs of the society
    • Language Center / K-12 Schools / Online Education Program
  • Development of college curriculum
  • Continued construction of the campus site with additional facilities
    • Faculty Buildings, Dormitory, Student Hall, Cafeteria, etc.
  • Development of programs into departmental colleges
  • Development of undergraduate curriculum
  • Continued construction of the campus site with additional facilities:
    • Faculty Buildings, Dormitory, Professors and Officers Residential, Main Administration Building, Athletic Field, Library, etc.
  • Completion of K-eduplex construction
  • Integration of programs and organizations into a unified university system
  • Launching of campus branches in different parts of Indonesia
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