Mr. David Wilcox of ACSI Visited CGA

On September 13, Vice President David Wilcox of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) visited the CGA. ACSI is an international organization and educational certification body designed to connect Christian schools and Christian educational organizations around the world, and to provide more professional education through the provision of diverse teaching methods and services.

On this day, Wilcox vice president explained and challenged Christian leadership and international talent through his life story in meeting with students. We also looked at the facilities of JIU and emphasized the necessity of Christian higher education in the Muslim world and the importance of establishing JIU. There are currently two ACSI certified teachers at CGA (Ms. Jinhee Lee, Mr. Toshiki), and Ms. Naomi, a local principal, is trained to obtain a certificate. CGA was enrolled as an ACSI member school this October and will continue to be an internationally accredited educational institution through ACSI certification.