The Send-Off Ceremony of Lee, Song Yong Family and Imel

Two families who have made significant contribution to K-Eduplex will soon leave our organization for a new challenge. Mr. Lee, Song Yong, who has done much of the hard, ground work as one of the earliest members of K-Eduplex, is leaving Indonesia along with his family in June 9th. Mr. Lee will begin his doctoral studies in education in University of Geneva, Switzerland.

And Imel, who has been helping our organization with complicated visa work and various administrative tasks as the first Indonesian staff of the team, is going to Sumatra to do ministry for a minority tribe.

Last May 29th, all members of K-Eduplex gathered in one place to bless them and send them off. It was a meaningful time with the entire ceremony prepared and led by the Indonesian staff members. Although Mr. Lee’s family and Imel are leaving our organization physically, we continue to cheer for their future footsteps and pray with a blessing that people they will get to encounter will receive great blessing through them.